Official Launching of “The Blue Child Project”

  • Start: May 15, 2018 8:00 am
  • End: May 15, 2018 2:00 pm
  • Speakers: Evergreen

The Blue Child Project is an initiative of EVERGREEN GLOBAL Initiative.Motivated by the upsurge in the cases of substance abuse among youths and Teenagers in Nigeria, The organisation saw the need to create a drug free society in secondary schools across Nigeria through which it can effectively sensitize teenagers and stem the tides of drug abuse in the country. The project entails sensitization, counseling,  as well as creation of “Drug Free Clubs” in schools across the country. It also entails reorientation of youths on the menace of drugs.


The overall goal of the proposed project is to ensure the youth are well positioned to make great contribution to their immediate  through peace education and intensive leadership training interventions to turn the trend that often makes many Nigerian communities become drug addict zones and the like, which leads to the increased social vices committed by them.

Youths are rather empowered to promote peace and non-violence acts that will better their lives as well as the environs , more so, support successful development goals, and be part of transparent and credible leadership formation for a better Nigeria.


And the objectives are:-

  • To sensitize and increase the capacity of students/youths in peace building and leadership development projects in a drug free society.
  • To create students drug free club that will create awareness and sensitize on the need for a drug free Nigeria.
  • To educate them on their roles and rights to fully participate in a drug free campaign and assist them to achieve same.
  • To offer them life-skill training in the areas such as imbibing a drug free habit, study technology, the way to happiness, the problems of work, self analysis, time and financial management and other LRH personal development trainings.
  • To develop participants into change ambassadors, working to pass the message of peaceful co-existence, forgiveness, mindfulness to others and supporting good leadership.
  • And to advocate for creation of policies that encourage widespread involvement of youth in the process of peace building and democratic governance.


Mait, Evatt, Federal Capital Territory , Nigeria

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